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Constituency (2010 boundaries)Worcester
Constituency (2024 boundaries)Worcester
Police forceWest Mercia
NHS Integrated Care BoardHerefordshire & Worcestershire

This 2024 constituency's boundaries encompass the following proportions of these 2010 constituencies:

  • 100.0% of Worcester's population

Source: House of Commons

Education (Worcester constituency, 2024 boundaries)

Source: Department for Education

Source: Department for Education

Crime (West Mercia Police)

Source: Home Office

Source: ONS. Statistics were March-April until 2021.

Health (NHS Herefordshire & Worcestershire Integrated Care Board)

This figure is generated from this Integrated Care Board's total number of referral to treatment waiting times for incomplete pathways, ie the number of patients who have been referred but are still waiting to start treatment. The figure has been adjusted by the NHS' 'Unique Patient Ratio', ie reduced to 83.6% of the total on the NHS' assumption that some people are waiting to be seen for more than one condition .

Source: NHS England